RFID electronic lock
Mechanical Features  Classic RFID electronic lock
Classic RFID electronic lock:Outside Housing Zinc cast alloy construction with steel mounting plate / Field reversible levers
Ergonomic RFID reader with target to guide user / LEDs for visual feedback
Panel that conceals key cylinder (if used), lock batteries (4 alkaline AA type) and
programming interface
Mounting posts (standard back plate or rosette mounting configuration)
Spindle socket
Classic RFID electronic lock:Inside Housing Steel trim with a steel mounting plate construction / Field reversible levers
Cylinder clearance hole (optional)
Privacy turn knob, required only when there is no cylinder (optional)
Classic RFID electronic lock:Levers Available in long return or short return designs
Outside lever free to rotate upward and downward in locked mode
DIN compliant levers (optional)
Standard Finishes Satin chrome or satin brass
Classic RFID electronic lock:Batteries 4AA batteries for up to 120,000 openings or approximately 2 to 3 years (based on 10
openings per day). Low battery indicator: alerts staff that batteries need to be changed soon
Classic RFID electronic lock:Target Doors Thickness: 35 mm – 60 mm
Minimum backset: 45 mm or more
Wood or metal, hollow or solid
Rosette mounting option eliminates the need for drilling (retrofit scenario)
Interior or exterior
Classic RFID electronic lock:Hardware
Kit 1: Includes outside lock housing and installation hardware kit
Kit 2: Includes outside lock housing, inside lock housing and installation hardware kit
Kit 3: Includes outside lock housing, inside lock housing, lock case and installation
hardware kit (cylinder and key optional)
Classic RFID electronic lock:Compatible Lock Cases A) Distance between mortise drive and cylinder: 70mm to 92mm
B) Backset: minimum 45 mm
C) Spindle size : 7mm, 8mm, 8.5mm or 9mm square
D) Case length: 135mm to 200mm
E) Distance between drive and top: 30mm to 80.5mm
Cylinder type Euro profile or Swiss
Classic RFID electronic lock:Security Features Vandalism and attack resistant
Emergency access: emergency keycard
Mechanical key and electronic override
Classic RFID electronic lock:Low Maintenance Operates with a completely sealed contactless reader

Batteries last 2 to 3 years

Low battery indicator alerts staff

Lock audit not erased during battery replacement

Wear resistant construction and finish

Upgradeable lock firmware


Classic RFID electronic lock

  • Keyless Connected smart door lock
  • OEM Microwave technology
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Professional R&D team production line
  • Within 500 locks delivery in 3 days.