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Professional manufacturer for security locks,hotel door lock, fingerprint door lock, digital door lock,remote door lock,cabinet lock and so on,located in Shenzhen, China, more than 10 years R&D experience.

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Our ASTC security locks,hotel door locks,cabinet locks,fingerprint door locks,digital door locks are sold to more than 100 countries all over the world,with great feedback.We will show the client's real comments on our website.

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Our ASTC security door locks,have a very strong service team and technical support team for our customers,365 days*24 hours service online. All ASTC security door locks we provide 2 years of full warranty.

Shenzhen ASTC Technology Co.Ltd
Include hotel lock,keypad door lock,fingerprint door lock,cabinet lock,remote door lock.

Shenzhen ASTC Technology Co.Ltd,professional manufacturer for the security locks in China. ASTC which means our Hotel door locks should and will be Advanced,Scientific,Technological,Creative.

Shenzhen ASTC Technology Co.Ltd, is a newly found company,specialized in the high security locks for foreign sales.Our own manufacturer was established in 2004, the main R&D products include:Hotel lock,Security door locks,Hotel locks,Hotel card lock,Hotel door lock,Door lock,Mortise lock,Hotel door locks, Deadbolt lock,Keypad door lock, Mifare card lock,IC Card lock Temic card lock, RFID card lock,magnetic lock ,Electronic lock,Electronic door lock,Electronic door locks,Hotel lock system, Fingerprint door locks, Fingerprint door lock, Fingerprint lock,Finger scanner lock,Biometric attendance system, Biometric door lock,Digital Fingerprint lock,Electronic keyless Password lock, Keypad lock,Digital door lock,Digital locks,Combination door lock,Electronic locks, Locker lock, Digital code lock,Remote control lock,Remote control door lock, Remote door lock,Cabinet lock,Cabinet door lock,safe File cabinet lock,EM card lock,TM Card lock,Sauna lock,Cam lock, Padlock,Desk drawer lock,  furniture lock, Mechanical code lock,Access control lock,Hotel safe box,Energy saving switch, hotel software management system and so on.

Our ASTC locks comes with the CE, Rohs, FCC certificate.Products be exported to all over the world.We are in a position to supply you with the First class products at Competitive price,with Stable quality,and very nice After-sale service.

We will grow fast together with you.

Clients & Testimonials for hotel lock,keypad door lock,fingerprint door lock.

Many customers maintain a long-term relations with us for cooperation.We highly value customer feedback and Suggestions.

Hello everyone, this is John Corner, your friend from America. We are working together for a long time, over 5 years. We are so happy to meet you and cooperate with your company. We will keep on cooperate with you and hope to do the winwin business together in the coming future.

1John CornerDream Hold

I am Azucena from Spain. Before,we work with many big companies which sell PMS and Key card system to hotel. What's why we have a lot of experience of this area. We know our market well and customers well.We find out the most of hotel key card lock manufacturer in china, we deicde to start our own business with ASTC company. And we become the agency in Spain. We like the design and quality of the ASTC product and also we do love their competitive price. We are looking forward to the new design and the long term cooperation with ASTC company.

7AzucenaSever Mineral

My name is Ehsan. My company work with ASTC for 7 years. I thank for their support and cooperation. Their product is very good and stable, my customer are happy with them. Although they have some limitations which they are improving now, I am sure in the future they will have more designs and functions to meet the market.

5EhsanEnvah coe

I like to work with ASTC, their products are very stable and easy for operation.And I also like the way they asking me for details, providing me feedback before making deals. That's showing me they care for their clients rather than hurry to close the deal. I installed their fingerprint lock on my office door last year for testing, till now, everything runs well.

6Joseph Hekec Inc