• Which type of security products you are dealing with mainly?

    We mainly deal with the Hotel card door locks,(RFID card lock,Mifare card lock,ID independent lock and so on) Fingerprint door locks,Keypad door locks,Cabinet locker locks,Remote control door locks,Doorbell system,Energy saving switch,Elevator control system,Hotel room safe and so on.

  • Are you manufacturer or trading company?

    We are a manufacturer in Shenzhen city,Guangdong, China,expertised in smart door locks for over 12 years since 2004.

  • What kind of warranty do you offer for your product?

    Each single security door lock,we offer 2 years warranty.And when put order with us,we will supply you 2% of the order spare parts be free.That’s PCB board and Mortise lock,so you can replace the broken locks easily without cost after many years.

  • What certification do you have?

    For the security door locks,we have CE,FCC,RoHs,UL certificate.Also ISO9001 standard.

  • Which type of payment you accept?

    For the payment,we accept:TT;Paypal;Western Union;Money Gram and so on.

  • What is Hotel Lock System include and each part function?

    Normally, the whole lock system is composed of the bellowing parts:

    1. Hotel Door Lock (qty = guest room) —To keep the room safe.
    2. RF Encoder (2pcs/hotel: one for use; one for spare) —To issue all kinds of open door cards.
    3. Energy saving Switch (qty = guest room) —To control the power in room.
    4. RF Cards (qty = 5 times of guest room) —–To unlock the hotel room lock.
    5. RF Recorder (1pcs/hotel) —–To collect the open door records, you can check who, at what time, use which card, to open the door, then read out on computer.
    6. Software system (English language, free of charge) —-To manage the whole lock system.
  • For the security door locks,is customized available?

    Yes. All the locks can be customized and we could meet your very single request.OEM and ODM be available.

  • Can our hotel doors be installed with your hotel door locks?

    If the doors meet the requests here, locks can be installed:

    1. Door thickness 35-55mm(1.38-2.17inch) If your door is thicker or thinner, please tell us before order,we will adjust the lock spare parts accordingly.
    2. Door stile thickness over 120mm(4.72inch)
    3. Wood doors or steel doors both be OK.
  • I want to buy some locks for my home,and office use,not for hotel,and didn’t wish to use the software control system,how does it done?

    Electronic door Locks for home,we have the Stand alone lock to fix,which no need software control system,easy operation.Just the door lock,and cards,you can issue the cards on the lock,with the Master card which we will supply you.Also each lock we still offer 2 pieces of mechanical keys.

  • What's Mifare 1 Card?

    Mifare is a world lead contactless smart card technology developed by NXP . It belongs to Philips Inc. It has following feature. -ISO 14443 TYPE A international standard -13.56MHz frequency -3DES encryption -16 sector for data saving -Contactless 3-10cm To know more please visit http://www.mifare.net/   ASTC RFID hotel lock use Mifare contactless technology.

  • What's the MOQ and if can send sample to have a test?

    MOQ for the security door locks is 5 sets.

    And yes we can supply sample locks for testing. Sample demo is charged.

  • What is the Delivery time for the security door locks?

    For sample lock, the lead time is about 1-2 working days.

    Within 500 locks, we can finish in 3 days;

    Within 2000 locks,we will finish in 7 days.

    For your customized locks,it depends on your demands and quantity.

    Basically less than 2 weeks.

  • How can we collaborate?

    ASTC are currently looking for suitable security locks dealers, wholesalers and retailers to partner with. After a thorough discussion with our lock business development staff and a proper evaluation, we will sign an agreement which both parties agree on. We will work together with our global partners by providing lock testing service as well as market analysis in order to achieve our common goals.

  • How does the intelligent door lock get powered and how long can it last?

    The electronic intelligent door lock is powered with 4 pieces of AA battery,use 4 new brand battery can open more than 20,000 times,around 1 year.

  • What should do when battery is run out?

    The hotel room door lock will with red light flashing and prompt beeps when you induct the card to the lock,when the power is low under 4.8V.Please change new battery when it alarm. You can still use the card for unlocking for about 200 times when under low battery state. If the battery is run out,you can use backup mechanical key to unlock the hotel room door lock.

  • How to unlock the lock if the card is not work or there is something wrong with the electronic part?

    Each lock are equipped with 2 piece mechanical keys,you can unlock door lock with those keys.And if you need Master mechanical key for your hotel project,we can also supply you.

  • What 's the door thickness required for those mortise locks?

    We have mortise which suitable for 30~65mm thickness door. If your door is out or this range,it will need costumed.We will make some necessary adjustment and offer recommend.

  • Why do you need a mechanical key for digital lock?

    It is impossible to guarantee no error for digital products. When there is any crucial electrical lock component breakdown or shortage of power supply, the mechanical key can be used for emergence access purpose.

  • How many fingerprint records every lock can register?

    All fingers can be registered and stored in the fingerprint lock as long as there is enough tore memory. Our regular lock product can store 100 fingerprint records which is sufficient for most of the security cases. We will also be able to increase the fingerprint lock storage as per clients’ special request.

  • How secure is the fingerprint door lock?

    Every human has a unique set of fingerprint, on average every 500 years there is a chance of having a duplicate fingerprint. Comparing to the 0.3% chance of mutual opening rate that mechanical lock has, fingerprint lock is a lot more secure. Initially fingerprint detection technology is being used for forensic investigation and military information protection purposes. This technology has now been widely used for civilians. In Korea, there are tens of millions of Fingerprint Door Lock users.

  • How can I unlock the lock when the fingerprint is not working?

    Beside the fingerprint, there is password, RF card, remote control, and mechanical key to unlock. Each unlock method is functioned by different chip, which cannot effect to each other. If one of the unlock method is not working, you still have an option to unlock.

  • Why can’t I register my fingerprint on the fingerprint door lock?

    You have to ensure the following things before registration:

    1. The fingerprint lock scanner is activated.

    2. The fingerprint is clear clean.

    3. The fingerprint sensor scanned your fingerprint successfully before you remove your finger from lock.

    4. The fingerprint needs to be scanned 2 times on lock for registration.

  • I have no idea of how to install and use the hotel door lock, what should I do?

    First you need to hire a lock smith. The lock smith will read the installation diagram and dig holes in the door then fix the door lock to your hotel wooden door; Second, you need to install our ASTC Pro-usb hotel card lock software system in your computer (only supports windows operation system).Then read the user manual to operate the software step by step. If still don’t know how to do,we can communicate by team viewer or Skype,we will teach you online.

  • What to do if customer lose their open door cards? Can the door locks be unlocked if it’s found by another person?

    If customer lost their hotel room cards, please make sure which room he stays.You can also enter into the software system and find his living records then find the room number.2 ways below for the missing cards:

    You can issue a “Lost card” with his Room No. Choosing,and induct this “Lost Card” to his hotel room door lock,so this lock will get the order that the already missing cards will have no use anymore,all the functions be canceled.If it is the Master card which be lost,then this new issued”Lost card” need induct to all the hotel room door locks.


    2.Get into the Reception manual,find his living room,and issue a new guest card(choose the option of “new check-in & cover cards before”). Use the new guest card induct to the room door lock. So now the new issued guest card is made successfully and the lost card can’t be used anymore.

  • My computer operation system is re-installed, I can’t find the software system, what should I do?

    Don’t worry. From the time you installed the locks. Software auto creates a folder in Local Disk (D:)-Folder( proUSB_DBBak).All the software data will be kept as backup in this folder. After you re-install the software, you can lead-in the backup data, then all data returns.

  • Power outage is very common here, how can we issue cards for guests if it happens?

    Our lock is powered by 4*AA battery, locks will keep working even if the hotel electric power is off. So you need to issue 2 cards each room from the time you finish the installation of hotel locks, valid for one year. Keep the cards in safe box or other security places.  When a sudden power outage happens, these two cards can be used as guest card, but requires you to use a pen to record the check-in and check-out time.

  • Our Hotel has an entrance door, we require only the guests with card can open; Similarly, each floor has a communal door, we require only the same floor guest card can open, does your door lock has such function?

    Yes. We have the Public Door function in the software system.You can set some door lock as Public door,and when check-in,the guest room card click can open public door lock.Then this guest card can both open the guest room lock,also the public door lock.Also we can supply you the Public door lock,that all the hotel system issued cards can open both the room door lock,also this Public door lock.

    Different demands please let us know before you put order.

  • For some rooms,we wish to keep it in open state all the time,so guest no need cards or keys can enter the room,can it be realized?

    Yes,we have the Common Open State function in our software system,you can set that specific room lock as Common Open state by cards.So anyone can enter the room just by pressing the lock handle.

  • We do not want cleaners to bother the guests when they rest, cleaners card can not open the room door, how to achieve it?

    Enter the software-card key for staff-floor card(cleaners card),do not choose the “unlock deadbolt locked” If guests turn the knob inside, cleaners can not unlock the lock then.

  • Our hotel's door is unlocked with mechanical keys, it is the mechanical door lock,and now we want to replace by your hotel locks, how will this be done?

    First, send us photos and locks of the door, we will recommend the appropriate style accordingly; For example, the door is anti-theft style, we would recommend the hotel smart door lock security door that suitable for anti-theft door. And make some new holes on the door,to cover the old hole,makes the door looks nice.

  • We are using a very old hotel door locks, and now want to use your company's door lock, how do we do it?

    First take photos of the door and lock to us, we will analyze the technical condition of the old locks and recommend appropriate style, try to avoid re-digging holes in the door ,help you save costs.

  • What kind of transportation will you choose to delivery the goods?

    We support various transportation like By post, express, by air or by sea.

    Express we will choose:DHL,FedEx,UPS,TNT,China Post,EMS,Aramex and so on.

  • My school is interested in purchasing locks for our lockers. How may I obtain a quote?

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