intelligent door lock

High level intelligent door lock Features:
*Fashionable design.
*Free structure handle, anti-violence opening, thicker than ordinary ones in market.
*Plastic cover treated for anti-scratch by card-swiping.
*2mm built-in steel panel to reinforce solidity of lock and reliable anti-burglar.
*Suitable for hotels, high-grade offices and households use.
*US standard five-latch mortise with anti-pick function.

ASTC Security High level intelligent door lock Features

1. High level intelligent door lock ,American standard,Zinc alloy.
2. Unlock ways:RF card / MF card unlock, + Mechanical key
3. Key card lodging systems
4. Electronic lockbody with #1 ANSI American standard Mortise,option in 2# European standard mortise, 3# Chinese standard mortise.
5. Sealed PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
6. Door alarm for not closing properly.
7. Option finishers in PVD gold or Satin Steel.
8. Dead Bolt in back plate.
9.4pcs AA NO.5 battery, can be used for one year, 10,000 open door times.

ASTC High level intelligent door lock,Single manufacturing process, more solid, more resistant to destruction; American Standard Mortise, Anti-plug design, and combination latch bolt abnormal alarming design combined; Double guarantee, double safety, allowing guests to live more peace of mind; Unique and humane structural design of the battery compartment, battery replacement can be carried directly outside the room, without disturbing the guests; Computer board adopts imported electronic components, automatically SMT (Surface Mount) process, Australia mildew protection surface, stable and reliable quality.

High level intelligent door lock

  • Keyless Connected smart door lock
  • OEM Microwave technology
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Professional R&D team production line
  • Within 500 locks delivery in 3 days.