hotel room safe

ASTC Security electronic hotel door lock RFID technology

Lock Spare parts for hotel lock system:

Element of the lock system:Hotel lock,RF encoder,RF Recorder,RF card,Energy saving switch,Software system,Computer,Printer.

Best Choice Products presents this brand new Electronic Digital Safe. This sturdy 2mm steel safe comes with a flat keypad and key override system. It is designed for ease of use and uncompromising security. The safe can be easily bolted to the floor, or mounted on a wall or cabinet for convenience and security. It features a magnetic lock for auto-locking without any keys or pin code, and is programmed to time-out after 3 incorrect combination attempts. We purchase our products directly from the manufacturer, so you know you’re getting the best prices available.

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Hotel safe box,room box,house security safe.

*Save papers, credit card,laptop or other valued articles.
*Auto open when input correct password.
*Two color model, made of steel.
*Powered by 4 pcs of AA battery,with emergency key.

hotel room safe electronic digital safe

  • Keyless Connected smart door lock
  • OEM Microwave technology
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Professional R&D team production line
  • Within 500 locks delivery in 3 days.