Energy saving switch

ASTC Security electronic hotel door lock RFID technology

Lock Spare parts for hotel lock system:

Element of the lock system:Hotel lock,RF encoder,RF Recorder,RF card,Energy saving switch,Software system,Computer,Printer.

1.Hotel lock/Door lock : install to the room door,for security,be unlocked by RF card.

2.RF Encoder/ Card Reader/ Card issuer/ : be used to issue the open door cards. (RF Encoder Card Reader Card issuer)

3.RF Recorder/Date collector/PDA : be used to collect all the open door records,to see who,at what time,use which card to unlock the door lock.

4.RF Card : be used to unlock the door lock,enter the room,and insert the card into energy saving switch,to get power.

5.Energy saving switch ECU: install in the room,to control the power.After insert the open door cards,all power on in the room.And all power will be off after get out the cards within 15 seconds.While their leaving, it is difficult for the waiter to know whether the lamps/TV/Machine are turned off or not in the rooms. So we specially developed the Energy Saving Switch for the hotel to save the substantive regrettable consumption.

6.Software system : to control the whole lock working system,well management system,and be free. We can also supply you the integration file for your integration.

7.Computer : install the software system,and manage the whole system.

8.Printer : you can print some records if necessary.

There also the Elevator system,Doorbell system if you needed.

Energy saving switch ECU,energy controller unit,ECU,Hotel energy saving switch,hotel room switch: install in the room,to control the power.

  • AC 180V~250V
  • Max 30A current
  • White color
  • ABS fireproof material
  • Working by insert any card item
  • Delay 15sec

With the development of human civilizations and modern cities, the consumption of energy increases. The world has been led to the energy crisis.
Lots of energy is wasted every day. It’s urgent and beneficial to our offsprings to save energy and improve the efficiency of using energy.
It has been an ongoing dilem ma for the world to contently be told to save its energy, and to stop wasting what has been provided to us, however the world just keeps wasting what is left of the energy source.
The Energy Controlled Unit known as the ECU, is as small and light weight as a light switch on the wall.

Energy saving switch ECU

  • Keyless Connected smart door lock
  • OEM Microwave technology
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Professional R&D team production line
  • Within 500 locks delivery in 3 days.